Gustavo Gusto chooses Achtung! Neo

Next new client for Achtung! Neo. Following a pitch by our data-driven creative agency, Gustavo Gusto is now on board and the Hamburg-based office is responsible for Gustavo Gusto’s social media presence.

The premium frozen foods brand is not only considered to be a disruptor and high flier in the food retail sector, its creative campaigns are also causing a stir in the advertising market. Gustavo Gusto, which has quickly risen from start-up to Europe’s fastest growing food brand, has always embraced unconventional communication practices. Its pizza and ice cream packaging speaks for itself – this is Gustavo Gusto’s advertising display area and communicates the various product USPs directly to the customer at the point of sale. The company’s 2020 campaign, “Eat less frozen pizza” and its 2021 video ace “Hot slices – cool hits” were highly acclaimed.

The winner of the Effie Grand Prix has now chosen Achtung! Neo to manage its social channels, starting this year. In the second half of 2021, the team had made a successful pitch to become the company’s future partner. The joint mission is now to take its social media activities to the next level. Michael Götz, Chief Marketing Officer at Gustavo Gusto, is looking forward to the partnership: “Even in its pitch, we could see that Achtung! Neo’s agency team was on our wavelength. The team’s creative ideas, combined with a genuinely can-do mindset and an abundance of data expertise, impressed us.”

For Max Ströbel and Christina Starke, the two managing directors of Achtung! Neo, the partnership with Gustavo Gusto is another success for the specialist agency, which is still in the early stages of development. Although Achtung! Neo was only established in early 2021, it managed to prove itself by the summer as the creative lead agency for eBay Germany. Since then, it has been responsible for developing all brand campaigns for the online marketplace. In November, the team announced that its pitch for the much-hyped US language learning app Duolingo was successful. Now, with Gustavo Gusto on board, another client with creative potential has been added to the portfolio of the Hamburg-based agency.

Achtung! Neo systematically combines the areas of data, creative and distribution right from the moment that the brief is provided. Using the most solid data, the 25-person team develops brand and marketing campaigns that are highly relevant and effective – in Achtung! speak: “exceptional”.

The agency’s three operational directors also play a crucial role: Balthasar Siekiera (Director Data & Analytics), Benjamin Bruno (Executive Creative Director Digital) and Laura Ludwig (Director Digital & Social Media) are together responsible for the core disciplines and the synergies that are achieved from their interplay.