Snapchat – ZOO 2050

Every day up to 100 animal species become extinct somewhere on the planet, a phenomenon that is not only startling, but one that also has far-reaching consequences. Zoos can act as a kind of ark, helping to protect animals from extinction. These projects need financial and social backing to ensure conservationists can continue their work preventing animal species from dying out.


With this in mind, Snapchat and Cologne Zoo joined forces and used augmented reality (AR) to draw attention to species extinction around the globe. From 17 to 28 October 2019, visitors to Cologne Zoo were able to experience critically endangered animals via Snapchat as 3D animations on their smartphones. This joint project highlights the essential work being done by zoos in their commitment to environmental awareness, research and conservation. The donations collected by Cologne Zoo and Snapchat as part of their joint campaign are given to ongoing conservation projects to ensure that in future we’ll still be able to see animals in the wild, and not just virtually.


We strongly supported Snap with its media relations work on this project. A total of 270 media articles were generated in German daily media with a total advertising equivalent value of EUR 1.5 million.h this project in press and media work. All in all 270 media reports in German daily media with a media worth of 1,5 Mio Euro were generated.