Google – Year in Search 2020

Each December, Google releases its yearly search statistics. The “Year in Search” lists the most frequent search queries in a broad range of categories. How can additional interest and coverage be generated for this occasion?


We transform the tables into... art! And rather than display them on the internet, we do so in a place that does proper justice to modern art: the Kunsthalle Hamburg. Well, not really “in,” the art gallery – but rather “on” it. After all, let’s not forget about Covid.

And speaking of Covid, we plan to chip in and help out the struggling art and culture scene by auctioning off our artwork after the event.


Street art master HÜLPMAN will create a work of art based on the most important issues and most frequent Google searches of 2020. The resulting individual pictures for each Google “Year in Search” keyword and category will be projected onto the art gallery, drawing not only the attention of passers-by and motorists, but also that of the press. In addition to extensive TV, print and online media coverage, the event will generate substantial funds for the Hamburg art scene. The final amount will be then matched by our client Google.