Hamburg Marketing – ELBPHILHARMONIE

Rising construction costs, a protracted construction period, deficiencies: the Elbphilharmonie - planned as one of the best concert halls in the world and Hamburg's new landmark - makes it difficult for the public to believe in it for years. The result: growing scepticism, criticism and rejection. How are the international public, music and culture lovers, and architecture lovers to be inspired by the opening of this unique concert hall? The idea: the longest overture of all time!

The Concert hall is staged worldwide in a way never before seen in a building. It is a canon of original events, inspiring content and fascinating images. achtung! takes over the international PR lead. The overwhelming result: more than 50,000 media contributions, more than 20 billion worldwide reach. Almost exclusively positive, even downright enthusiastic. Thus it succeeds within short time to turn the tendency: from skepticism and dislike to euphoria, pride, even love.



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