Superb employee event – despite Corona

Employee event with an 8-bit avatar: is exploring new territory when it comes to internal communication and did not hesitate to move its annual all-hands into a virtual space using the Gather platform. In a virtual replica of the campus in Kleinmachnow, employees met in various topic rooms, interacted with one another, played games and chatted. Agenda items and presentations were broadcast live to employees who were working from home. It was a purely digital event with some minor teething problems but was characterised primarily by fun and a very special team spirit. Despite the unusual 8-bit look and the playful approach of the Gather platform, participants are very keen to repeat future events of this kind.

Retro look with a cart feeling

The space organised for consisted of a total of six rooms. The campus in Kleinmachnow, a small town near Berlin, was replicated in the digital world with great attention to detail. It featured a number of topic rooms that were coordinated with the agenda: these included a show kitchen, where a celebrity chef provided instructions for cooking a pasta dish specially created for the event, and a race track where colleagues could be challenged to race on a karting track. There was also a conference hall for presentations from the Board and a functional workshop space for working in individual groups.

Unlimited sharing and collaboration

In addition to establishing the space as a virtual meeting point, the event was also accompanied by a live stream, in which the individual agenda items were presented in German, with simultaneous interpretation into English. It took less than 17 days from idea to event. Everything was implemented remotely.