mo:re 2020 – the report

Since 2019, issues the “mo:re”, an annual report that shows car dealers how they can successfully boost sales with Although the report in itself is a notable success story, the mo:re 2020 is destined to become even more relevant for individual dealers.


In 2020 we emphasised the success of every individual dealer, instead of focusing merely on that of

To convince the dealers to inform themselves in more detail on our website, we made a film. But so rather than producing just one film, we produced a separate one for each and every dealer! Our kick-off mailing not only furnished the latest performance figures from, it also provided dealers with a link to a personalised video. That is how we got them to our website, where they would inform themselves in more detail.


The dealers were thrilled by the idea! We had 300% website visits, and doubled the length of stay. At the end of the campaign we asked them the following question: “If you were to name just one online car platform that you could always count on, which one would it be?” And 61% replied:!