o2 – Niklas & David: Good enough for our clients?

The o2 service is “good”. And it has been for years. The problem is that comments on Facebook and Instagram all claim the opposite. How can we change the community’s views?

We give the community an authentic insight into the o2 Service Center. And because good service is lovely but also quite boring, we have hired two interns who aren't quite so good: the up-and-coming comedy talents Niklas & David. They humorously embody the most common preconceptions about the o2 service. Their competent counterpart is Nicolas Dohrmann, an actual o2 community manager. We therefore create an entertaining framework in order to rebut the community’s preconceptions with authenticity and plenty of humour.

After 10 episodes it was clear that Niklas and David can provide good entertainment but not good service. This is what o2 can provide. And what did the community say? They loved our humorous stories from the o2 Service Center:

+72% engagement rate*
+145% likes*
+76% increase in first choice**

And we think that’s a good thing!

*compared to the channel average
** increase of up to 30% compared to the base value of 2020