WestLotto – talking monuments

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of GlücksSpirale – whose revenues fund, amongst other charities, the preservation of historical sites – WestLotto wanted to give a special gift to the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz.


So we taught twelve monuments in North Rhine-Westphalia how to talk. In the form of podcasts.

Each monument tells its own emotional story, supported by dates and facts. The respective podcast could be accessed directly at the monument via a QR code. On a website, visitors could discover more about the projects themselves.


Even though we never actively advertised the promotion, thousands of people listened to our talking monuments. It grabbed the attention of the media.

Foundations, politicians, partners and other stakeholders distinguished our engagement. Our talking monuments did not only strengthen the GlücksSpirale brand, they also showed in a credible, visible and audible way, that GlücksSpirale is an active sponsor of monument conversation. Sounds good, doesn’t it?