SWISS – The Memory Experiment

Travelers collect a unique treasure trove of small but significant memories that enrich their lives. But are they still in a position to preserve these treasures in their heads and hearts? In an age when we are dashing from one meeting to the next and from one Facebook post to the other? SWISS puts it to the test.

For the online film THE MEMORY EXPERIMENT, 30 subjects who enjoy traveling are invited on the pretext of a casting session. We stimulate their sensory responses, and succeed in triggering veritable memory sparks. They are able to recount and describe even far-distant travel experiences that have shaped them for life, with dreamy enthusiasm. We play the film on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in the target markets of Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Italy and France. The users are guided to the campaign page which provides a wide range of information on the subject in the shape of an online magazine. Results: 5.9 million views, 4.6 million social media engagements, PR reach of 117 million. And the conclusion: Travel memories stay with us for life, and they are a cornerstone of our personality. We are what we remember.