eBay | gifts from the past

Certain objects evoke memories and strong emotions in many people. In some cases, unfortunately, these objects have been lost for a long time and are no longer for sale anywhere – except on eBay!


We are looking for people throughout Germany who want to bring a very personal and special joy into the life of someone dear to them by giving this person the gift of an object that brings back memories, but had been lost and was found again on eBay. We film the people involved as they receive the gift and document their memories of these objects. Of course there is some subterfuge involved – after all, we want to surprise the recipients!


Our campaign seems to have hit a nerve: almost one in four watch our films – more than a minute long – right to the end. The vast majority of the almost 80,000 reactions and comments that we have received are positive and we earned almost 86 million impressions in total.