Your agency partner for a holistic brand communication

Our team at Achtung! Neo around managing director Max Ströbel is enthusiastic for creative ideas, big and small – and orchestrates them holistically across public relations, classical comms channels, digital and social media.

Whether it is our day-to-day business or a large, attention-grabbing campaign: we ensure that our clients really reach their target groups with tailored content on the right channels. This creates holistic brand communication that is remarkable and has a true impact.

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The multitude of classic and digital touchpoints today requires a variety of content. With our own in-house production team, we are able to produce communication formats for all channels quickly and professionally. Regardless of whether it's a moving image, a creator collaboration, a photo shoot or an event documentation: We create remarkable storytelling content that fits your budget.

And speaking of content: Communication content of the future will be at least partially contain artificial intelligence. How can companies and agencies use this power together? How will we work with it in the future – and how can our clients keep up with the rapid development of AI? These are the questions that concern us and our team, and Achtung! Neo works hand in hand together with clients to get started with AI for companies and brands, on practical application examples and on the everyday usability of the diverse AI possibilities.